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Charlotte has appointed herself supervisor

– and would like to give you some suggestions.

She is known for having fun-filled adventures,

like when she became the mayor of New York City…

On top of Times Square I could totally see

why the next New York mayor should really be me.

It’s time for a girl who is brilliant and funny,

to give all the people well-being and money.

I love this ol’ city with so much affection.

It’s amazing I actually won the election.

I meet lots of people and welcome them all,

then fly around the staircase of our famous City Hall.

The city listens closely and it likes to hear a girl,

who governs all the people  in one big happy swirl.



What happens when the bad guy tells her to leave town?

Find out here in Charlotte’s New York Adventure.




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I have bad memories of the Slipside Water Park. One time Grandpa took me there, and he left me in the waterslide area for practically the whole day.

He said he was gonna go read his book and he’d meet me there in three hours.

But I didn’t actually go on any slides because of the sign at the entrance.

I thought you had to be forty-eight years old to ride, but it turns out the two little lines next to the number meant “inches.”

So I basically wasted my day waiting for Grandpa to come get me, and then we had to leave.







And later:

Grandpa said he didn’t PLAN on having a party. He said he tried to invite ONE lady from his dating site over to watch a movie, but he must’ve accidentally hit “send all.” And then everyone showed up at once.






Dad was really mad, but it must have been awkward for him to come up with punishment for his own father.

I guess he couldn’t think of anything better, so he just put Grandpa in time-out.


Wimpy Kid  Text and Illustrations and copyright © 2009, Wimpy Kid, Inc.








Ramona felt like yelling, Stop it, both of you! She tried to think of interesting things to talk about at the dinner table to make her family forget about hair.

One evening, to distract her family from her hair, Romana was telling how her teacher had explained that the class should not be afraid of big words because big words were often made up of little words: dishcloth meant a cloth for washing dishes and pancake meant a cake cooked in a pan.

“But I bake cakes in pans—or used to—and this does not make them pancakes,” Mrs. Quimby pointed out. “If I bake an angelfood cake in a pan, it is not a pancake.”

“I know,” said Ramona. “I don’t understand it because carpet does not mean a pet that rides in a car. Picky-picky [their dog] is not a carpet when we take him to the vet.” At this example her parents laughed, which pleased Ramona until she noticed that Beezus [her sister] with neither laughing nor listening.


Romona and Her Mother copyright © 1979 by Beverly Cleary.



…Big companies and multinational corporations were calling, too. His mom had a stack of phone messages they’d “look at later—when things settled down.” It seemed like everybody in the world wanted the “Smartest Kid in the Universe.” (Whenever Jake was shown on TV, that was the caption zipping under him.)

Some callers offered him high-paying consulting positions.

“Maybe this summer,” Jake told them. “Mom always says I should look for a summer job, even though I’m too young to get a work permit.

I think she was thinking camp counselor, not chief financial officer, but maybe we can work something out. Later. I’m kind of busy right now. We have to save our middle school.”

Before the jelly beans wear off,

he thought but didn’t say.

Yes, he was still worried.

What if his incredibly high IQ vanished as quickly as it appeared? What if Haazim Farooqui’s brain boosters had an expiration date?


The Smartest Kid in the Universe.  Text copyright © 2020 by Chris Grabenstein. Jacket art copyright © 2020 by Antoine Losty. Title lettering copyright ©  2020 Neil Swaab.




Zootopia (2016)

Scene with slug at the DMV

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Pee Wee’s Playhouse (1986)

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Shaun the Sheep (2015, British series)

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